My first post here and i am newbie to Dreambox world.

I am using dreamboxedit-IHAD to delete unnecessary channels and copy the remaining back to Dreambox. I have noticed that the box is automatically updating the channels list in NEW section of the satellite when ever i visit any channel. I assume that the box is updating the channels list in the background and update the missing channels from the transponder which refers to the channel from my filtered list of channels i am currently watching.

It could be a good feature for someone but i don't want this feature. I would like to know where are the setting to turn this feature off?

here is the info of the box

Image: 04.29.2010
Kerna: Linux 2.6.18-7.3-dm800

forgot to mention that i have tried turning on the "K" Flag from "Service Detail" section which says "Do not automatically update the services parameters" but it also does not affect any thing where as "H" Flag below to "K" is working fine which is "Don't show the service in All Service List".

Any Idea?

Further, any idea how to delete a channel using remote?

Any help in this regard will be appreciated


Junaid Hussain
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia