"This weekend, half a year after the first public release of GP3, we will release with GP3 v0.30 a new stable version of our Gemini 3 plugin.

We are very pleasured, that Gemini3 has been installed almost 140.000 times since it's first release, and we want to THANK YOU to all who support us and take a part in the boardlife!

The main change in this version is, that it's the first one that supports the DM7020HD.

Farther new things and fixes in this version are:

* "Text"-files are filtered and can be shown by pressing "red" (filemanager)
* The modulation for cable tuners can now be shown
* Feed for the DM7020HD was set up

* Error message in the MediaPlayer (Import forgotten)
* Small fixes for DM7020HD
* The folder VIDEO_TS gets now the DVD-Icon in the large view (FileManager)

* 3 new icons bigext_txt.png, ext_txt.png and mess_calendar.png
* New Renderer for NextEvent, because it's still inside most skins (...Components/Renderer/gNextEvent.py)

The Gemini3 was pushed further and further from our developers the last half year and has now already more functions than the Gemini 2 ever had.

For Gemini3 we can provide you the following extensions:
* geminiical - iCAL Calender Plugin
* geminijukebox - Audio Jukebox Plugin
* geminidreamnetcast - Shoutcast Plugin
* gemininetcastwebif - Shoutcast Webiface Plugin
* geminispinner - Spinner selection Plugin
* geminiscreenshot - Screenshot Plugin
* geminiwebdav - WebDav Client Plugin
* geminidirsync - Directory syncronisation Plugin
* geminibootlogo - Bootlogo selection Plugin
* geminictorrent - Torrent Plugin
* geminietorrentwebif - Torrent Webinterface Plugin
* geminidreamlpd - Printserver Plugin
* geminieup - UptimeProject Plugin
* geminiftpfs - FTP Filesystem Plugin
* geminihttpd - Webserver Plugin
* geminiinadyn - DynDNS Plugin
* geminimailcheck - Email Check Plugin
* gemininfs - NFS Server Plugin
* geminiopenvpn - OpenVPN Plugin
* geminipptpvpn - PPTP-VPN Plugin
* geminirezapp - Rezap Plugin
* geminirssreader - RSS Reader Plugin
* geminisambaconfig - Samba configurations Plugin
* geminisatconfig - Satellite.xml update Plugin
* geminiupnpc - UPNP Server Plugin
* geminiushare - UPNP Client Plugin
* geminiweather - Weather Plugin
* geminiwebcam - Webcam Plugin"