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    Default KUBAND: angelbox vs the newcomers

    So the public may know.

    Just so you understand 100%
    The angel box is doing authentication the same way as powerVU not card sharing!
    3x transponders on 12 satellites
    So may I suggest if you do not fully understand what this box is doing you do not guess please.
    enlighten us, ignorant ones. first off, i never stated anything about the authentication process of angelbox from the transponders. they have to authenticate their own boxes, otherwise, what's stopping other twin tuners from getting the card data off the transponders once the software has been modified. so it is a business strategy that somehow they "protect" their own modus operandi in card sharing. no doubt, angelbox is a fine stb to own, but my only concern is what guarantees does the end-user have that the manufacturer will not pull the plug on the data stream? a simple tracking from the legit providers that their cards are being shared through this method and very much in public will trigger a cessation of broadcast for that specific provider being shared.

    card sharing is a good idea. be it on a local network, via the internet, or satellite transponders. it is still working on the premise of card sharing, only the method has evolved. so if you can give anything that is tantamount to a guarantee that these transponders will NEVER go offline, i'll order myself an angelbox tomorrow! (or a gbox/vn8000/etc) for there will be no other reason to shift or be stuck on code menu receivers if you can spend your money, one time, and get all the paid-subscription for life. no hassles with key updates, no headaches when you kill the stb because of an errant firmware upgrade. no cams. no programmers. no worries that there won't be any software support after a few months. ahhhh... such a bliss if that can be true.

    again, thanks for calling my attention to the method of authentication for angelbox. but i NEVER even touched on that subject on my previous posts.

    Best Regards.
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    There will never be any lifetime guarantees for this type of service. If you want a guarantee then you do what my customers do and buy a legit sub card.

    I will try the AngelBox for myself and a few friends who understand the risks and other issues involved.

    We will now complain if after 6 months it's still working as this would already cover the cost of a 6 month sub.
    If Evolution works, why so many idiots?



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