Luat de pe un forum, privitor la brute force Via2, stiu ca o sa existe tot felul de opinii dar e forum nu ?

is it possible to descramble prerecorded via2 encripted chanels in .ts format.
hav an original card & infinity phoenix.


This question i wanted to ask too, yes i have a software that can search the DCW in a .ts recorded stream but it takes years even with my P4 HT 2,8, and I don't know exactly if the CW is the key from softcam, maybe some experts here can tell us. If somebody whant to give it a try here it's the software and it's called DCWBruteForce. The question is how long should be the recorded stream and if this software it's working for via 2.


No! it is not possible (at least by using available programs) . There is a program called Offline Descrambler. By using this program and normal softcam plugins you can decrypt ts files (for the "public" encryption systems). (plugins will generate dcws)
Unfortunately there is no program to send ecms from ts files to original cards (instead of softcams) to receive calculated dcws. And obviously this solution is too slow. (there are phoenix plugins to send received ecms from dvb programs to original cards, for example Poor Man's CAM )

Suppose you can find dcws. It is only enough for 8 seconds. For next 8 seconds you need another one.
Brute forcing is ideal (?) for BISS channels with fixed dcws