You may or may not have noticed but there are some apps that have time bombs we try our best to keep these off the repo so users do not install these. Some people are getting blocked from using the forum and xRepo. I have made a quick fix for this app you need to run it via putty or terminal.

1- Download
2- Upload to device.
3- chmod 777 or chmod +x (change permissions on file to 777)
4- run the file either from putty or terminal ./
5- check that the repos are working.


Just run the following line of code in putty or terminal.
sed -e "s/xsellize/idontthinkso/g" -i /etc/hosts

I will be releasing a security package on the repo soon this will do all these things automatically and will also block Repo’s that hosts such apps that have time bombs and do not remove them.

If you have any issues with this you can let me know via email [email protected] or you can join our chat @ or join using an IRC client irc://

Please let me know if you have any issues with xSellize or the Repo after you have tried the above methods. All these fixes are available on the forum too and please take care when installing apps from other pirate repos if xRepo is not enough for you then just let us know what is missing or what we can do to improve the repo and we will try our best to get your issues resolved.

Forward the email to your friends or family that use the xRepo so they don't get caught out too.

xSellize Staff

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