How to config. in dream for server OSCam..?
From addons have download CCCam 2.2.1/OSCam 1.00, and activate camd setup for CCcam/OSCam.
Now see OSCam if I press button info in dream 500s
Open DCC and not see folder OSCam in var/etc...!
Have in var/tuxbox/config these file:
- oscam.conf
- oscam.user
- oscam.server
- mpcsmon.conf
These are all the ones I need.?
For CCcam as server I open in router one port(12000)
In var/etc/CCcam.cfg write for client this:
F: user1 password1 2 0 0 { 0:0:2 }
and client in var/etc/CCcam.cfg put this:
C: 12000 user1 password1
and all are ok.
For OSCam how to do..?
What write in these file:
please tell me analytically
thank you.