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Thread: AndroNokia

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    Talking AndroNokia

    Nokia to unleash an Android phone in 2012

    Yesterday’s big news of Nokia partnering up with Microsoft had some folks thinking – Why Windows Phone 7 and why not Android? This question is one that can be answered in a separate post. But we are here for a different reason. The very famous Eldar Murtazin has spoken and according to his sources, Nokia is working on an Android powered and will go live in the year 2012.

    Here’s the tweet which has led to this news:

    According to my sources Nokia in negotiation with Google as well. First Nokia Android devices for 2012. Turnover. No own OS platform

    This news is currently under the rumor category. But what if this turns out to be real in the year 2012? This means only one thing – Nokia plans on becoming a pure hardware manufacturing company and will leave the OS making duties to the people who do them the best – Google and Microsoft. If this does happen, then Apple might find itself fighting a much larger battle. This is all speculation at the moment. Let’s wait and see if there are more rumors to support Murtazin’s claim?
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    Google Asked Nokia to Adopt Android
    by Quentyn Kennemer on February 15th, 2011 at 12:51 pm

    We’ve just been informed that as Nokia shopped their hardware to the two premium third-party smartphone OS providers in the United States, Google took initiative and asked them to join powers. The end result? Well, you already know – Microsoft won.

    Schmidt said Google expressed disappointment when they made that choice. And it wasn’t exactly because Nokia doesn’t like what Android has to offer, I think. It’s because of a man named Stephen Elop, Microsoft’s former head of their Business Division.

    Elop was recently appointed CEO and President of Finnish-bred Nokia, but his ties to Microsoft remained close. It’s not a coincidence, folks. And I’m not knocking Nokia for this at all – it’s their business. But I can’t imagine it was easy for them to ignore how big Android already is.

    Was it Money? We know Microsoft has a lot of it. Google has even more. Or is it just vision? Does Nokia see something in Windows Phone 7 that has them genuinely optimistic? Or is there something in Android’s ecosystem that turned them away?

    Whatever the case is, I imagine if Nokia ever does adopt our little baby robot, it won’t be under the direction of Elop. We’ll keep dreaming regardless.
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