LG has confirmed that the US price for LG's Optimus Pad with 32GB of memory is 700 to 800 USD.

Looks like Honeycomb based tablets are going to be as expensive as the most expensive apple iPad 64GB with 3G. It's also worth noting that Acer's Fusion based Iconia WT1 costs 499 euro.

This means that for the price of a premium Android 3.0 tablet (which is basically a thin netbook without keyboard and CD ed.) you will be able to but at least two decent netbooks or even notebooks. We believe the price is way off, but when subsidized by mobile carriers, the price could go down to 200 dollars or even less, depending on the carrier and data plan.

The US version aims for Verizon it seems, while the EU version relies on T-mobile, at least in some countries. Euro boys and girls can expect the same 700 to 800 euro range, naturally with VAT included, but this will depend on the country, like it always does.