Hello all,
Im new to the forum and new to satellite, i have previously taken the lazy route of cable, however n3 has forced me on to pastures new.
My current set up is courtesy of sly UK. My purpose of joining is obviously to increase my knowledge and create a half decent set up, or if nothing else, pay less.
Despite what you may say, I wish to keep my sly mini dish with quad LNB and not purchase some great big fcuk off rotary dish enabling me to cyber with alien life forms.
I only really care about watching football, hence the cable eurovox was the original option. Astra 2 appears to be a straight forward selection.
I have been pondering a dm500s, as if I were to get a hd box with full pvr capabilities It would require 2 of the 4 lnb outputs, however Im open to suggestions.
I would like to know what servers/ boxes you would recommend.
After I know what my goal is then I can think about the software images to load on the box and softcams etc
Hope this isnt too long an introduction!