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    Post nou...NEW Peter Pan Neverland 2.0 - the fairytale continues dm500HD/dm800/dm8000

    NEW Peter Pan Neverland 2.0 - the fairytale continues dm500HD/dm800/dm8000

    pe pagina am un dreambox .

    Our enigma2 adventure started long ago and its been time to give enigma2, dreambox and PP menu a needed overhaul
    in order to get better functionality and better use of the new opportunities that Enigma2 offers now.

    The new Neverland menu structure has got the same simplicity as you know from Peter Pan Menu
    its works much quicker and together with some useful extensions it makes using the dreambox more logical.

    New PP stuff: AutoCam - BoxKey Genarator - Satellite XML Generator - InfoCenter - Password Reset - Save TimeShift
    Redesigned PP Plugin manager and download - default skin work with all CVS skins - WebInterface with Neverland WebTV 16:9

    New integrated addons are: Merlin EPG - Rytec EPG Import - Fan Control - File Browser - Network Browser
    Virtual Zap - ExtremeInfo - ServiceOrbitalPosition - MaxTemp - ChannelSelectionExtraInfo - Picon2
    Images comes with our new PP mod of Kerni-HD1R2 skin, with new renders and with a lot of plugins screens.
    Big Thanks goes to all you addon developers - please keep it coming.

    General Images Information:
    Peter Pan Neverland v2.0 oe1.6
    based on dmm experimental image:
    DMM plugins from 25.09.2010
    DMM skin from 25.09.2010
    PP-Plugins from 25.09.2010

    DM500 HD PVR
    # Enigma2: 2010-09-22-experimental
    # DVB-modules 2.6.18-7.3-brcmstb-20100623-r0
    # Frontprocessor vNone
    # Secondstage v79r1

    DM800 HD PVR
    # Enigma2: 2010-09-22-experimental
    # DVB-modules 2.6.18-7.3-brcmstb-20100623-r0
    # Frontprocessor vNone
    # Secondstage v76r1

    DM8000 HD PVR DVD
    # Enigma2: 2010-09-22-experimental
    # DVB-modules 2.6.18-7.3-brcmstb-20100623-r0
    # Frontprocessor v7
    # Secondstage v76r2

    # 2SUB Subtitles 3.01.00
    # CCcam 2.1.4
    # Cutlist Editor
    # DVD Controller
    # DVD Burn
    # EPGImport
    # Graph Multi EPG PPmod
    # HOME MediaCenter PPmod
    # IMDb Details
    # M-xmltv-EPG
    # MerlinEPG
    # Mplug e2
    # Movie Tagger
    # My Tube Player
    # Picture Player
    # WebInterface 1.6rc3 PPmod
    # Permanent Timeshift
    # ShoutCast
    # VLC Video Player
    # WeatherPlugin

    System plugins:
    # AIO-Grab
    # Autofs
    # Busybox 1.0.1
    # CDRkit
    # CommonInterface Assignment
    # Frontprocessorupgrade
    # Genuine Dreambox
    # GraphMultiEPG PPmod
    # Hotplug
    # Keyboard EN, DE, DK/NO on DE
    # Media Scanner
    # Network Wizard
    # Network Browser
    # Mount Manager
    # Parental Control
    # Positionersetup
    # Satfinder
    # Screen Adjustment
    # Skinselector
    # Software Manager
    # Tuxtxt 1.95
    # Video Fine-Tuning
    # Wirelesslan

    Note: System and preinstalled plugin information is based on dm8000!
    Only know bug: This image is so hot we had to give it away before the translation's files were updated.

    Welcomes you on board, we hope you will enjoy our new images. 2010.09.25
    Your Peter Pan Team

    Images im database dm


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    Am instalat-o eu cu BA pe usb stick si pana acum nicio problema.
    DM 800;VU+UNO/TRIAX TDS 110 MULTIFEED 5W/4W-0.8W/1W-4.8E-7E/9E-13E-16E-19.2E + TRIAX TDS 64 - 39E



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