Vand modem Speed Touch 546v6 cu router incorporat dedicat serviciilor de internet Romtelecom-Clicknet

# ADSL2+ connection to the Internet
# 4 x Ethernet ports
# Firewall
# NAT connection sharing including helpers for most po....r protocols (SIP, RealAudio, etc.)
# VPN support



* LAN: 10/100Base-T (RJ45) MDI/MDI-x autosensing 4-port Ethernet switch
* WAN: ADSL line (RJ11) for ADSL/POTS or ADSL/ISDN


* 33 x 153 x 180 mm (1.30 x 6.02 x 7.09 in.)


* Temperature: 0to 40C (32 to 105 F)
* Humidity: 20% to 80%
* AC voltage: 100 to 120, 220 to 240 V
* Frequency: 50/60 Hz

ADSL modem specifications

* ADSL: ANSI, ETSI, Annex A, B
* ADSL2: Annex A, B, L
* ADSL2+: Annex A, B

Multi-user Router

* ATM-Extensive multi PVC
- ATM Quality of Service (UBR, CBR, VBR-rt, VBR-nrt)
- DSLForum TR-37 autoconfi guration
* Bridging-self learning bridge at wire speed
* IP Routing
- UPnP* certifi ed Internet Gateway Device, enabling major conferencing and gaming technlolgies
- IPsec passthrough from multiple LAN clients, enabling secure homeworking
- Supports PPPoE, PPPoA, IPoA, CIP, ETHoA-DNS server and relay, DHCP server and relay
- Network Address Translation for connection sharing, including support for SIP, H.323, Realaudio, FTP, irc, IKE, IPSec-ESP, Jabber, ILS,...
- Simultaneous bridging and routing of PPPoE connections, enabling network based VPNs

* UPnPTM is a certifi cation mark of the UPnPTM Implementers Corporation


* OS independent
* Easy set-up wizard
* Advanced Management via telnet, HTTP, SNMP, event log
* Integrated firewall
* Easy SW upgrade wizard

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