Hi. I am pretty new to this forum and i see it is a very good one actually. I have one problem i hope i can get help with.

How can i connect to a cardsharing server with my Starcom SR-1000HD?

I have an starcom SR-1000HD and i try to connect to servers but i dont get it to work.

This is how i do it:

IP/URL= i write the host name of the server
TCP port: i write the port for the server
DesKey: i write the key which is 0102030405060708091011121314
Username:Her i write the username i for the server
Password:Her i write the pasword for the server
Servertype:Here i change from NewCS to Gshare

But nothing happens at all. I am doing it right or?

When i press the green button for init_server it shows "CONNECTING" and then "TIME OUT"

If i try to connect to a server with no username and password it works.

Pleas help me to solve this problem

Thanx for all help i get from you