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    Default Ubuntu 10.4 + Skystar HD2

    Nu demult am descoperit o distributie interesanta de ubuntu care functioneaza perfect cu Skystar HD2 si multe alte placi DVB-S2.Ce ii cel mai interesant este ca se poate folosii puterea placilor Nvidia pentru semanul HD
    Distributia de linux are numele de yavdr si este facuta pentru a ingloba vdr+XBMC
    Se poate download-a de pe
    Cam asta cuprinde:
    VDR 1.7.x standard features:
    Watch and record TV programmes (SDTV or HDTV) via DVB hardware or IPTV
    Record several TV programmes on different channels simultaneously (number of available recording channels depends on the number of DVB devices)
    Control VDR via IR remote control (LIRC)
    Visit and for a more extensive list
    Note: A full featured DVB card is not mandatory for yaVDR and not recommended because we concentrate on GPU-based output via HDMI
    VDR frontend choice: Use your favourite VDR frontend, select one of the following frontends from the yaVDR web frontend
    xine via vdr-plugin-xine
    vdr-sxfe via vdr-plugin-xineliboutput
    Includes current XBMC developer version with PVR support. The XBMC version used is regularly compiled from the unstable XBMC development branch PVR-Testing2.
    XBMC can be used as an alternative TV frontend for VDR
    Automated Xorg-configuration for Nvidia GPUs with VDPAU
    Contains Firefox to access web interface or browse the internet
    Contains web interface for most important configuration options
    tries to offer a simple configuration for LIRC
    Boot process is optimized to bring up Live TV as soon as possible using upstart. This also includes auto-login during boot.
    S3 as default "shutdown" method for quick wakeup.
    Wakes up for scheduled recordings (if configured).
    All updates for yaVDR will be delivered in packages, available via apt or aptitude. Our goal is that you can update yaVDR with the ordinary Ubuntu upstream packages in the same way you are used to from your ordinary Ubuntu installation.
    yaVDR comes with a small number of other patched Ubuntu packages, a complete list ist available within our Launchpad repository (please find link below).
    On console tty1 (Ctrl+Alt+F1) we have made the blinking cursor invisible for a nicer boot experience. If you need the console with a blinking cursor, you can use Ctrl+Alt+F2 instead.
    X11 runs on tty9 to leave tty7 unused for experienced users who want to install a desktop environment manually.
    Pre-installed network services:
    yaVDR Web frontend (HTTP, on port 80)
    VDR-Plugin Live: Web interface for comfortable timer programming (HTTP, on port 8008, default account: user: admin, password: live)
    SVDRP (TCP port 2001)
    VDR-Plugin Streamdev-Server (HTTP, on port 3000): Stream TV channels to XBMC or to VLC or other media players
    NFS server as a standard way of sharing media between different machines

    Acuma ma chinui sa pun pe vdr-ul acesta (1.7.14) un softcam (sc 0.9.x), mai putin si o sa va dau detalii si despre acest lucru

    multa bafta la incercat pentru cei care sunt pasionati de linux si HD

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    Mersi pentru informatiile pretioase! Sunt la un pas de a testa placile mele DVB-S2 sub diferite distributii Linux, poate voi incepe cu acest yaVDR. Pana acum numai sub Mint am facut o incercare scurta a placii TeVii S470, dar din cauza incompatibilitatii acesteia cu placa mea de baza, testarea propriu zisa nu s-a materializat.
    Astept continuarea relatarii tale. Voi reveni si eu dupa primele reusite.
    "The Truth Is Out There"

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    Distributia propusa mai sus probabil are DVB preinstalat, deci este un bun punct de plecare. Pentru restul distributiilor, chiar daca nu sunt oferite pachetele (pre)compilate, o poti face si singur. Un punct de plecare pentru surse se afla aici.

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    Daca vreti sa instalati HD-VDR pe ubuntu, gasiti niste how-to-uri bune aici:
    Eu folosesc OpenSuse pentru acest scop, si sunt foarte multumit.
    yavdr a aparut mai demult, si are mare succes, cred ca e un bun punct de plecare pentru un incepator.
    Outdoor: Gibertini 125 66°E - 30°W, Triax Unique multifocus 23°E - 1°W, 6 x LNB Inverto quad
    Indoor: Dr. HD D15, Amiko X-Finder, TBS-6925, TBS-6985, TechnoTrend S2-4100, Nexus-S VDR user
    QTH: Harghita, 46°14'N 25°11'E.



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