Hey everyone... Well off-late l've been hearing alot about Dreambox, Jaduu, String IR receiver, etc that I have to pay some amount of money to the dealer(from whom I buy the box) and can receive all encrypted channels on Nilesat for upto an year. Well I have few questions regarding these satellite receivers or whatever they are called.

[1] What's the difference between Dreambox, Jaduu and String IR receiver? And which one would you suggest me to buy? Which has better video/sound quality?

[2] Can I view encrypted channels on AsiaSat 3s, and Intelsat 7/10, as well with any of these receivers? If not, then can I atleast watch FTA channels on Asiasat3s and Intelsat 7/10 while viewing encrypted channels on Nilesat?

[3] I heard these receivers requires broadband internet connection. How much bandwidth will it use from internet connection? Will that make my internet slow? Will it be like watching a stream on internet with buffering in between? (I have 4 Mbps connection)

[4] What will be the output video aspect ratio for wide screen channels? Will it be shown in 4:3 ration with stretched image or it can show channels in 16:9 format as well?

I'll be grateful to receive any reply as I have to buy either one of them and I'm completely clueless about it.