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    Default Multivision gone??? technosat ts1100

    I seem to have lost mutlivision on my technosat ts1100. anyone confirm? anyone know where softwre is available as dsrsoftware seems to be closed?


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    Me too. I don't have the Multivision channels but the TPS are still working.

    Where can I get the keys for it?


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    still working on all my metaboxes receiver and dreambox dm7000S receiver.

    Bu Ru Hu Xue, Yan De Hu Ze
    Ton Zhou Gon Ji

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    I'm new to all this and keen on learnig about satellites, etc.

    I own an ARION AF-1700EC and today I started looking around the key editing section. I downloaded the keys from the stb and on examination I recognised some providers and keys that aren't for the satellite my dish is pointing to. For example CSN/ExtremeSports 15*W when I'm actually pointing to Hotbird 13*E.

    I would imagine that is safe to delete these providers but I'd like someone to confirm it please.

    Lakaypogi, any chance you can post the keys you are currently using:

    I was using Multivision OK untill last night and TPS still working, with these keys:
    08 AFAA50ACBBD8263B
    09 BD65F54FFBAC9F27
    0A 5E7C7139FC715D2B

    Thanks in advance

    I'm back in business

    I have a copy of downloader2.8 which I used to download the latest keys. Saved them in a file which I uploaded to STB. A few minutes later I was watching Multivision again.

    Still would appreciate answers to my questions

    Here are the keys that I got with Downloader 2.8

    key=01 D5045D2E89969B9A 21/10/2004
    key=03 A21636F86B8089EA 28/10/2005
    key=08 AFAA50ACBBD8263B 15/12/2002
    key=09 2015E1763FE9ED27 08/09/2004
    key=0a 1AA95722DA2222AA 04/10/2004
    key=0b 4FC06186E48C357C 20/10/2004
    key=0c 8A00CB94FB8A492D 08/12/2004
    key=0d 124B6C81861E02B3 23/06/2004
    key=0e CE2F7EBA0AA4DD51 29/07/2004
    key=0f 7A5BB67667140E2B 04/03/2005
    key=13 6CDF2FA669ED748B 28/10/2005

    Good luck




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