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    Default The Gemini2 Project 5.0 pentru DM8000

    Gemini2 v5.0
    Enigma from 29.04.2010

    An overview over most functions can be found here

    Function Buttons:
    * BLUE - Blue Panel (BP)
    * BLUE long - Picture in Picture (DM7025, DM8000)
    * 2x BLUE - BP -> Gemini Extras
    * BLUE RED - File-Manager
    * RED - Recording (not for DM8000)
    * GREEN - Quickbutton / Subservices
    * YELLOW - Timeshift (not for DM8000)

    * Addon and Plugin Server
    * Cryptinfos of the channel or Cam, Stick Cam to certain channels
    * Function for managing many daemons / server (BP -> Services/Daemons)
    * optical enhancements like HD-skin, additional icons or modification of the channel list
    * Manager for format, setup or mount devices (BP -> Device-manager)
    * Additional EPG-functionality like Autosave, Refresh or different EPG-format view
    * Particular addons like Dreamnetcast, Jukebox, Calendar, eMail or eTorrent, just to name some of them
    * Quickbutton, to define functionality of the Green button via menun
    * Detailled information about your Dreambox (Menu -> Information)
    * File-Manager, which can handle different format-types, regardless whether it is a picture-, audio-, videoformat, playlists, torrent, scripts or DVD-files (BP -> File-Manager)
    * complete handling of hard disks, DVD-drives, USB-Sticks changed to udev (system handels those devices by itself)

    Information about many other functions can be found at the IhaD-Board or our Wiki.

    * Adaptions for 500HD
    * Change to OE1.6, new kernel version
    * FTP-Mounts - Mounts FTP-Servers as directories into the system (BP->Extras->FTP-Mount)
    * new widget, animations (GIFs) in the skin
    * ext2 or ext3 selectable if initialize
    * The expert line in the infobar can be configured now
    * Standby for USB-Harddisks (Attention: Doesn't work with all conrtolers)
    * Device-Manager partially very strong revised

    Fixes + Updates:
    * Email-Checker fixed, can handle Googlemail accounts again, and no Enigma2 crash if no SSL-Connection can be done.
    * The Stream-Traffic-Info should work better now on HD-Channels
    * Selectable quickbuttonfunctions extended
    * Weather
    * see CVS

    Attention on some harddisks the new kernel may cause problems.

    * On the DM8000 from the beta-series, a security chip update will maybe make a second boot necessary.

    This image doesn't contain any keys or softcams!
    Backups or other modified images are not released by us
    and won't be supported in any way!

    Din pacate nu am dm8000, astept varianta pt dm800

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    Era sa, sar in sus de bucurie crezand ca e pt dm 800....O fi O.E 1.6 ?Asteptam poate azi apare si pt dm 800....

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    A aparut si pentru dm500HD.......asa ca in cursul zilei de azi cred ca o sa apara si pentru dm800......dar cine stie daca au timp pentru ca azi este 1 Mai si sportul national in DE este lupta cu politia in confruntari de strada.

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    Crezi ca cei de la Gemini sunt proletari si muncesc in fabrici si uzine?

    Revenind ontopic , asteptam pareri despre aceasta noua imagine .

    V-as ruga sa puneti linkuri spre siteurile oficiale de download ale producatorilor de imagini .
    E mult mai sigur .

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    Quote Originally Posted by gelu_dh View Post
    Era sa, sar in sus de bucurie crezand ca e pt dm 800....O fi O.E 1.6 ?Asteptam poate azi apare si pt dm 800....
    Pentru 800 e mai mult de lucru,ca deh...mai multe clone!

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    Am reusit sa fac update complet pe OE 1.6.
    1. Schimbat cu ajutorul browser- ului Oozon OE 1.5 din flash cu :
    OoZooN-image-dm8000-20100418.nfi - opendreambox 1.6 beta-image for dm8000

    2. Instalat ultimul bary allen. 5.1.4
    Image urile vechi au ramas salvate pe cf. Inregistrarile pe Hdd la fel.

    3. Am pornit Dm Elite BH 1.2.4 Surpriza: acum mi-a recunoscut HDD din prima.

    4. Am instalat GP 5.0. Sunt super incantat de acest Image. O super calitate a imaginii.
    Recomand cu incredere noul Gp5.0.



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