MTV contemplating 3D
Thursday, 22 April 2010

MTV International’s London-based VP of Broadcast Technology, Maria Ryan, says MTV is ready to start capturing certain key music events in 3D once a meaningful audience exists for the technology.

But she cautioned this would not be any time soon: “We have discussed in the past doing some of our larger events in 3D - some of our award ceremonies and so on - that certainly have this sort of big production around them and specific content and [3D] is great just for those events. [Our] feeling was that financially it just didn’t make sense, and the market wasn’t there to broadcast it to.”

However, Ms Ryan admitted that MTV was capturing similar content in HDTV well before HD transmissions started. “To position ourselves we’ve got to start getting that sort of content. But is anyone going to buy this set-top box and a new TV for a 3-minute music video?”

Ms Ryan was speaking at Rapid TV News’ Round Table on HDTV and 3D television. Ms Ryan recognised that MTV’s viewers were also likely to be sport and movies fans, already a major motivator for 3D content, as is gaming.

“I think the gaming crossover for us will be an interesting one. I also think 3D just needs to be really practical and convenient and just there. With [today’s] glasses technology it’s just not as convenient as just flicking on your laptop and watching whatever you want. So, there’s that element of how you transition it into the home and make it convenient for people to watch.”

(Source: Rapid TV News)