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    Default Script restart newcs+cccam

    Va rog cine are un Script pt restart newcs+cccam.

    la 4-5 zile imi crapa newcs, si nu inteleg de ce..

    scriptul trebuie sa inchida intai cccam apoi sa porneasca amebele...newcs+cccam.

    VU+Zero4K & Solo2, Samsung ue40D7000,ue37D5700, Diablo Wifi, Offset 0,9m - 9E-13E-19E-23E, Offset 1.2m -5W , 1.2m - 36 E, Offset 0.9m - 1w

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    incearca acest script unde in loc de sbox la FILE EMU pui newcs,apoi la log schimbi in /tmp/newcs.log urmand sa activezi si log-ul din newcs.xml (ai toate exemplele in fisierul txt din arhiva)
    daca nu vrei sa porneasca si cccam pui __SET_START_EMU2 = "0" editezi scriptu mai departe dupa necesitatile tale cu un editor text (eu folosesc ultraedit32) ;
    la __FILE_LOG_MAX_SIZE bagi cat crezi tu ca mai ai spatiu liber in var% pe dream, apoi cu atrib. 755 il pui in var/script si-l executi din butonul albastru dupa un reboot

    These are the new environment variables:
    # Environment Variables
    __SET_TIME_DREAM = "1" # If your dream does not have antenna enable this function to put in time: 0 = OFF | 1 = ON
    __FOLDER_BIN = "/ var / bin" # folder where the files are bin: / usr / bin | / var / bin
    __TIME_TEST = "20" # seconds it takes to return to see if the EMU / CardReader is working
    __FILE_EMU = "sbox" # Name of file we want to control Bin
    __SET_START_EMU2 = "1" # If you need to use the EMU2: 0 = OFF | 1 = ON | 2 = Reboot On EMU2 Bug
    __FILE_EMU2 = "Cccam" # Name of file we want to control bin, second EMU
    __FILE_LOG = "/ tmp / sbox.log" # log file name you wish to test
    __FILE_LOG_MAX_SIZE = "1000000" # Maximum size of the log file: 100000 = 100kb | 1000000 = 1Mb
    __SET_LIST_HOSTS = "" # server to check whether we have internet:
    __SET_TEST_WAN = "1" # If we control our internet connection: 0 = OFF | 1 = ON
    __SET_TEST_WAN_TIME_SLEEP = "60" # If no Internet, we expect 8 seconds before rechecking.
    __SET_MAX_SPACE_USED = "90" # ceiling space used: 90% Used

    Living an analog lifestyle in a digital world

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    Ar trebui setat din cron si programat la intervale precise, nu?

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    Poti sa definesti comenzi prin crond (crontab) chiar si la minut...

    De exemplu poti sa definesti ca in fiecare noapte sa zicem la ora 3 sa reporneasca CCCam si NewCS.

    00 3 * * * killall -9 newcs cccam
    01 3 * * * newcs
    02 3 * * * cccam
    deci la 3:00 opreste newcs si cccam
    la 3:01 porneste newcs si la 3:02 porneste si cccam

    Fisierul pe OpenPLi salvez in "/var/spool/cron/crontabs/" cu numele "root"

    Si la procese (unde e si inadyn si samba server) bifezi pe crond, asta pe OpenPLi, pe Gemini nu stiu ca nu folosesc de mult.

    Mai usor e sa treci la OSCam sau SBox.
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