Orbit-Showtime to go MPEG4
Monday, 05 April 2010

Middle East pay-TV operator Orbit-Showtime says it will switch all its channels to MPEG4 transmission during the next year. Mike Whittaker is VP of Broadcast Operations & Technology, Orbit-Showtime Network (OSN) told Dubai’s Digital Studio trade mag that new set-top boxes will soon be arriving. “There will be a range of set-top boxes we can provide this year. We will start with an HD Zapper and then, the HD DVR. Those who have basic stuff will get the basic stuff and those who previously had the DVR features will get the same in HD. The swap will begin to ramp up in the coming weeks. It will be a matter of time before we can say everyone is capable of receiving it but our HD services are already available on du and E-vision.”

“We’re broadcasting at 1080i, which is the best picture possible at native resolution and in MPEG 4, DVBS-2. We are using new Harmonic mux and encoding for the HD services. We plan to ultimately switch all our channels to MPEG-4 as it provides greater bandwidth efficiency. We can take advantage of new, better encoding algorithms as MPEG-4 requires less bandwidth. That’s going to be another thing on our To Do list, where we change everything to MPEG-4 technology in the next 12 months.”

(Source: RAPID TV News )