Zombis Gemini2 4.70 Backup fr die Dream 800 vom 12.02.10


This image is in my stick and it has been established as tested.
The flash is with me always an actual OoZooN leanimage E "experimental" and I'll have another do not test well in Flash. Everybody is asking for another image in flash I will therefore not be able to answer.
It is a Meoboot v.0.94 backup and can be installed only with Meoboot.
Only Sat (terest. was removed, and all spoke up in German and English)
Boot time of the backup box when time was completely out of 1min 38 sec. Thanks qwickie and small adjustments.

THE image contains 2 emulators + 1 Combi + config but no ****
1.Scam 3:58; 2.Cccam 2.1.4; 3.Cccam OSCAM + 0.99.4 (HD + internal + Smart Card Reader externally tested by me)
All plugins up to date:
Call Fritz (who wants to use it can easily turn on enlargement)
LasMail (separate e-mail data must be entered otherwise everything's not)
VLC Player
MyTube Player
XXX Player
ARD media library
ZDF media library
XXX Player
IMDb Details
Subtitle Player v.2.51
Web Interface
Image Viewer
Audio Sync
Alt Shift
Movie Jukbox
Spinner Exchange
LCD Digital Skin 5.1 (Picon is already contained in the image)
Suomipoeka (now) with image preview
Movie Selection
Multiquick Button
Graphical multi Epg with Picon
Still v2
Start Service share
Reorder plugin patch
Video library plugin
Reconstruct APSC
Second infobar 2.1 (shown at 2x ok)
Virtual Zap (active long press on ok button)
and much more.
Tuxfrodo (frodo folder on HDD, and right on 777) is
DreamBoy (folder gb HDD, and right 777) is
"NEW" Kerni-HD1 I changed a lot (with Epg pig; own Second infobar; own virtual Zap Infobar) and few things more

1.Astra 19.2
2.HB 13.0
3.Astra 23.5

LCD settings changed: Ani mounted LCD, LCD Picon added and much more.
The image still has a few things more things I can not write at all tested it a try. By Multiquick button I have the keys yet additional proof (can any other set) it to you simply look at it.
A lot of fun with it.