What you say is possibly quite true, But while Blu-ray will no doubt survive , it will always be a Boutique format, in the same way that HDCD, DVD-A, SACD, and XRCD, and other Red book formats have remained to satisfy a small market. It's interesting to note that the Hi-end market have ignored the Blu-ray format, up to now, and will know doubt continue in the same way.

And really unless your into projection or large screens in excess of 50 or even 60 inch screens , theres no real advantage in picture quality. Anyone with anything smaller, has an ego problem, with the money they have spent on the format, and are attempting to convince themselves, and others that, there is a difference in picture quality .
But the big box sellers, are still pushing the format, no dobt to clear there stocks before 3D hits the selling floor, later this year.

This extract from a Hi-end dealers news letter,

The Next Big Thing, as you're probably aware, is 3D TV. It's actually going to happen faster than any of us thought. Samsung have announced an April release date for their first models (LCD) with Panasonic getting going with their Plasma units in June. No doubt all the other brands will be scrambling to match these release dates. It'll be a content based system however and unless there's plenty to watch, it's not going to take off as quickly as the manufacturers may think, the glasses that have to be worn (with attached electrical cord) are not particularly comfortable, especially for an old bastard like myself who has to wear glasses under the 3D glasses. You'll also have to invest in a 3D compatible Blu-Ray Player to view the 3D movies.
E of Q

The CES show in Las Vagas this year completely ignored blu-ray in favor of the new 3 D formats and showed pre-release models of what we can expect to see in the shops by the middle of the year. Of cause the costs will be higher, and the amount of media will be less, At first. But by the time we all get hooked up to electronicly controlled glasses, to watch repeats of everything we have seen in a normal format, But now in full 3D, From a completely new range of kit, that we have all just hocked our souls to be the first in the street to own.. And now find we will need to sell a few of our kids, to afford to buy media to play in the things.
Ain't lifes progress grand............................................. ........