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Thread: aisa australia

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    Default aisa australia

    anyone out there with anything please

    76.5E TELSTAR 10 (C-Band)
    83.0E INSAT 2E,3B (C-Band)
    115.5E CHINASAT 6B (C-Band)
    156.0E OPTUS C
    172.0E GE 23
    180.0E INTELSAT 701

    looking for ccam

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    Unless your in Western Australia,, your unlikely to get a good solid lock on Telstar 10, And if you do get a lock, 99% of it's content is encrypted

    Insat and Chinasat have a mile of FTA, all of which is Hindi or Cantanise

    Optus is all encrypted with pay services or Aurora

    Ge 23 has zip.

    Intelsat 701 has NASA coverage, when it's being transmitted, a lot of
    American Forces programming, [PowerVu] But remember C-band is Circular, and will require a plate in the LNB, also 2.4 solid dish would be minimum size.

    Ku 701 is all in French, Seca encripted, and your set-up requires the LNB to be the reverse settings , from Optus satellites. In other words instead of the angle being 4 ok set the thing for 8 ok. Years ago we had some good porn , but all gone now..
    regards from OZ bassett

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    Default thanks

    thanks basset your a great help

    so it look like waste of time putting me dish up and may as well pay rurpert instead..



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