Amos-5i satellite starts operations over Africa
January 28th, 2010

Spacecom, the Amos satellite fleet operator, today announced that the Amos-5i satellite has reached its 17 degrees East orbital position and has begun commercial service. With clients from Africa, Europe and the Middle East already on board, the Amos-5i satellite enables Spacecom to start serving the growing African market with C-band and Ku-band capacity. Amos-5i is an interim satellite that will be seamlessly succeeded in its orbital position by Amos-5 once it commences operations, scheduled for mid-2011.

The Amos-5i satellite’s 20 36MHz and 4 72MHz C-band transponders plus 9 54MHz Ku-band transponders, make it a powerful platform offering a pan-African C-band beam connecting Europe and the Middle East alongside two Ku-band regional beams. The Amos-5 satellite will further expand Spacecom’s footprint in Africa thanks to its 14 72MHz and 4 36MHz C-band transponders and 18 72MHz Ku-band transponders.

The Amos 5i satellite was formerly Asia Satellite Telecommunication’s AsiaSat-2 satellite.

(Source: Spacecom)