Strasbourg Connection’ at Radio Romania
January 14th, 2010

Radio Romania International (RRI) and Radio Romania Cultural (RRC) stations have won together the project to run on European funding a programme called ‘Strasbourg Connection’.

The programme will be carried out over January 2010 – March 2011 and it will consist of the making and airing of a broadcast (to carry the same title as the programme) dedicated to the role and place of the European Parliament (EP) in the life of Romanians.
The two radio stations of the Romanian Radio Society (SRR) will do a series of 12 radio programmes of 60 minutes, to be aired once a month, during prime time, from January til December, 2010.

The programme ‘Strasbourg Connection’ will focus on the role and place of the European Parliament (EP) in the life of Romanians, on the European community’s values and also on all kinds of European issues and debates.
The broadcasts will contain news, reports, mini-documentaries about the effects of the European Parliament’s decisions in the everyday life of the Romanians, interviews with Romanian MEPs, surveys and opinions of experts about the activities on European issues, and also other useful information.

The show will have its own Web page, to be linked to the websites of both stations involved in the project. Listeners will be invited to propose topics of discussion for the various editions of the show and will also have the chance to participate in mini-contests with prizes.