DM800 Official Firmware release-dm800 2.7.0

Enigma2: Release 2.7
Machine: Dreambox dm800
Date: 20100105
Issuer: Dream Multimedia TV
MD5: 5bbc4b0cad776eccbda6cb1d2dbc2247
************************************************** ******************************
* Release 2.6.1 -> Release 2.7.0 *
************************************************** ******************************
enigma2 (20091119 rel26 -> 20100105 rel27)
[Startwizard] always enable multi framerate support for 720p or 1080i (no more ask for 50Hz support)
[Network] fixed incorrect link state display
[Network] fixed network reset issue
[Network] implemented automatic wlan scanning in network manager
[Network] implemented Virtual Keyboard in network manager
[MyTube] fixed no more working playback of HD content
[PVR] improved cutlist editor usability
[PVR] fixed sometimes ignored cutpoints on record playback
[PVR] fixed black screen at the transition into timeshift mode
[PVR] fixed skipping in timeshift and live recordings
[PVR] implemented options for seperately setting recording path and timeshift path
[PVR] fixed spooling from timeshift mode to live mode and vice versa
[Mediaplayer] added .m4v as known file extension
[Mediaplayer] temporary disabled spooling for non-TS files and radio recordings (this NOT means skip forward/backward with number buttons)
[Mediaplayer] fixed not working sort by date of non ts files or ts files without meta file
[Misc] fixed crash in service scan when no lnb is assigned to a tuner
[Misc] implemented "Yes to all" and "No to all" for satellite position removal question
[Misc] implemented an OSD icon that pops up when unavailable remote control buttons are pressed
[Misc] implemented audio menu hook for plugins
[Misc] implemented new software manager to install and remove plugins and do system backups
[Misc] do some skinning simplifications
[Misc] improved ordering of satellite lists
[Misc] move rotor turning icon to top of all visible screens (i.e. its even visible in servicescan)
[Misc] removed deepstandby from menu(s) for boxes without frontprocessor
[Misc] implemented tone amplitude setting in tunerconfig (Alps BSBE2 NIM)
[Misc] increased diseqc powerup delay for better rotor support

drivers (20091118 -> 20100104)
[Drivers] fixed audio garbage when skipping in media files
[Drivers] fixed skipping forward/backward in radio recordings
[Drivers] improvements for better fast winding support (TS playbacks)
[Drivers] improvements for faster audio resync after skipping forward/backward in media files
[Drivers] some improvements to better end of file detection on playback
[Drivers] fix not completely disabled 22Khz signal (Alps BSBE2 NIM)

[Misc] updated default servicelists for 19.2E, 13.0E and add 28.2E, update default favourite list