New range of Internet radios launched in US
January 6th, 2010

UK-based Pure, a leading manufacturer of digital and Internet-connected radios, will launch five products to North American consumers at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas from January 7-10, 2010. Pure is the leading provider of digital and Internet-connected radios in many countries including the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway and Australia.

The Pure products being introduced to the US market include:

* Sensia: The first digital and Internet-connected radio to feature a large high-resolution colour touchscreen. Stereo sound, an input for iPod/MP3 players and access to applications such as Facebook and Twitter offers consumers the ability to access and control all of their digital content from one central interface.
* Evoke Flow: The first truly ‘connected’ portable radio.
* Siesta Flow: Featuring an alarm clock, this model bringings the Internet to the bedside. Touch sensitive controls, up to 365 alarm settings and a USB PowerPort™, which provides power for USB accessories.
* Oasis Flow: Designed for outdoor use. Rugged, weatherproof and exceedingly durable, it combines Internet connectivity with maximum portability.
* Sirocco 550: A complete digital sound system that combines access to Internet content with the ability to play digital music from portable iPod and iPhone devices, USB memory drives, SD memory cards and CDs. Powerful enough to be a primary stereo system yet compact enough for bedrooms and small rooms.