Discovery jumps on 3D bandwagon
January 6, 2010

At about the same time as the ESPN 3D announcement, Discovery Communications unveiled plans on to launch a 3D television network with Sony and Imax.

The three companies have signed a non-binding letter of intent to establish a joint venture to develop their own 3D television network in the US. Launch is scheduled for early 2011.

Discovery will provide network services, including affiliate sales and technical support functions, as well as 3D television rights to Discovery content and cross-promotion across its portfolio of 13 US television networks.

Sony will provide advertising/sponsorship sales support, and will seek to license television rights to current and ...ure 3D feature films, music-related 3D content and game-related 3D content, while providing cross-promotion at retail stores.

Imax will license television rights to ...ure 3D films, promotion through its owned-and-operated movie theatres across the US, and a suite of proprietary and patented image enhancement and 3D technologies.

“Discovery’s business strategy has always focused on delivering groundbreaking content through new platforms, including the first suite of digital channels launched in 1996 and the first 24/7 basic cable HD channel in 2002,” said John Hendricks, Discovery’s founder and chairman in a statement.

(Source: Broadband TV News)