LG Electronics aims to sell 400,000 3D TV sets next year
December 16th, 2009

South Korea’s LG Electronics has announced that it plans to sell 400,000 3D television sets next year by teaming up with local digital satellite broadcaster SkyLife. LG Electronics, the world’s third-biggest liquid crystal display TV maker, said it aims to sell 3.4 million 3D television sets in 2011.

LG, which launched its first 3D flat-screen TV in August, expects the global market to expand sharply, driven by an increase in content with 3D features and also by steep demand during the Olympics and the World Cup. Nearly 60 percent of consumers at home and abroad are willing to purchase 3D televisions, it said.

SkyLife said it would invest some 30 billion won (US$25.9 million) in developing 3D content - one of the industry’s major challenges - over the next three years. LG said its partnership with SkyLife would help produce 3D images which do not cause eye strain or dizziness, an issue that has plagued previous technologies. Viewers should wear special glasses to watch 3D TVs, which give the illusion of depth on flat screens, it said.

LG aims to expand its market share in South Korea, North America and Europe next year before launching 3D TV products in South and Central America and Asia in 2011. Japanese firms have also raced to develop 3D-compatible sets to make up for their weak performance in flat-panel televisions compared to their Korean rivals.

Local market researcher Displaybank predicts the global market for 3D TVs will be worth US$1.14 billion next year before rising sharply to $15.83 billion in 2015.

(Source: The China Post)