Deutsche Welle leaves Astra

German international broadcaster Deutsche Welle (DW) will terminate its distribution on Astra (19.2° East) at the end of the year.

European DTH satellite homes can continue to receive DW's services via Eutelsat's Hot Bird position at 13° East. According to the broadcaster, it is concentrating its satellite distribution in Europe onto one orbital position due to the increasing importance of internet-based reception via live-streams, podcasts and on-demand services.

DW-TV Europe along with the German and foreign language radio channels will therefore be available from 1 January 2010 only from Hot Bird. They are transmitted free-to-air in Media Broadcast's digital package on the frequency 11.604 GHz H (SR 27,500, FEC 5/6).

Coincidentally, DW has also signed an agreement with Eritrea's broadcasting authorities covering "bilateral co-operation" including exchanges of programmes.

(Source: Rapid TV News)