Study sees problems with TV Everywhere
Tuesday 2nd November, 2009

A report from media researcher Interpret suggests that if cable operators are successful with their TV Everywhere initiative - which could allow cable subscribers to access their favourite cable content on other devices, but which would also require that they are cable customers in order to view the content - would leave 7.7 million viewers unable to access TV programmes online. Currently, 11 per cent of all US active streamers of video, or 7.7 million, do not subscribe to cable or satellite. Those viewers would be unable to access content online without subscribing to such a service.

The group most affected would be those in the lower average-income bracket, and especially adults in the 18 to 34 demographic many of whom stream video online rather than pay for cable or satellite service.
The average income of all age groups that only stream video online, rather than watching television, is $42,314, compared to the $60,054 average income of those who both stream video and subscribe to a cable or satellite service.
Other findings from Interpret suggests that 12 per cent of males 18 to 24 only stream video online (rather than subscribing to a cable or satellite service); 14 per cent of males 25 to 34 only stream video online; 11 per cent of females 18 to 24 only stream video online; 15 per cent of females 25 to 34 only stream video online.

(Soursce: ATV's News Archive)