English pubs foreign satellite verdict due on 4 Nov
Cazul transmisiilor ilegale(DigitAlb), a English Premier League, in pub-uri din Anglia.
October 15th, 2009

The judge in the biggest foreign satellite football case to date in England has retired to consider his verdict. A group of 26 licensees from 19 pubs across the country will learn their fate on 4 November at Chester Magistrates. Licensees at the pubs are charged with dishonestly receiving TV transmissions to broadcast English Premier League football via Albanian channel DigitAlb.

The case will be under close scrutiny as the decoder cards originate from outside the EU. Prosecutions against pubs using EU decoder cards are on hold until a landmark case can be heard in the European Courts of Justice.

Only two of the cases began in Chester, two were transferred from courts in Cheshire, and the other 15 cases have been transferred from courts throughout the country — from Ashford in Kent and Torquay in Devon to Barnsley in Yorkshire and Manchester.

All 26 hosts were represented by Paul Dixon of Molesworths Bright Clegg. He said before the case began: “A positive outcome in Chester could well force the FA Premier League to call a halt to all prosecutions of licensees who subscribe to foreign satellite services, regardless of whether they are based in EU or outside the EU.”

(Source: Morning Advertiser)