TV channel for ethnic minorities licensed in Romania
October 15th, 2009

The National Council of Audiovisual (CNA) on Tuesday, October 13, approved an audiovisual license via satellite to SC Centrum Consulting SRL Targu Jiu (southern Romania), to open an ethnic minority-focused TV channel Bah TV.

‘The new channel will broadcast nationwide, with its main target to be the elimination of all divergences between the ethnic groups, not necessarily between the Romanians and the other ethnic groups, but among minorities as well.

Based on a well-directed programme we could manage to help the different ethnical groups solve their issues with each other. We will have special broadcasts to be dedicated to various minorities in our TV programme. The channel’s language will be Romanian,’ programme manager Horia Enasel said, also adding that ‘Bah’ means ‘good luck’ in the Romany language.

He also specified the studios will be located in Bucharest, with the channel to start broadcasting this December. The TV programme will be structured depending on the source of the shows: self-produced programmes – 92.5 percent and programmes to be taken over from other producers – 7.5 percent.

Depending on the types of broadcasts, the channel will air news programmes – 47 percent, educational, religious, cultural programmes – 8.57 percent, films – 7.5 percent, entertainment and other types of programmes – 37 percent (12 percent advertising and teleshopping).

The initial investment stood at 100,000 euros, following to reach up to 500,000 euros in 2010.