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    Default 4 subtitrari pe un SVCD selectabile din DVD player...

    salut @ all...

    De cateva zile ma roade chestiunea asta..dupa cum stiti pe un VCD (MPEG1) obisnuit se poate pune o subtitrare permanenta vizibila cu playerele DVD de e selectabila s nici nu poate fi ascunsa.

    cu SVCD adica MPEG 2 treaba sta pot adauga panala 4 subtirari, nu mai multe, dar , ca pe un DVD obisnuit pot fi selectate din telecomanda playerului..


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    SVCD File can include inside 4 different subtitles. it's like subtitles on DVD but here you can put only 4.
    does anyone know how to do it ?

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    aici e solutia:

    At first following. Selectable subtitles in SVCD''s are only visible when played in a Standalone Dvd-player. There are 2 types of selectable subtitles, SVCD subtitles and CVD subtitles. Not all Dvd-players support 1 or both subtitles. Check for a big schedule of players, with among other things statement if they support selectable subs and if so, which type.

    Needed programs:
    Subadjust :
    MaestroSBT : (download / main software page)
    Winsubmux : (download / main software page)

    Step 1:

    Starting point is a mpeg2 file. So if you have a bin/cue file, you have to extract the mpeg2 file first by using Isobuster of another program. I assume you have a subtitle which is synchronic to the movie and is in Subrip format (.srt) or Microdvd format (.sub or .txt). You can test the synchronity by playing the mpeg2 file with BS-player. You might use a mpeg2 codec for the pc, like the one from Elecard.

    First step is to convert the subtitle to a Substation Alpha (SSA) subtitle with the program Subadjust . Load the .srt (or other) file. At Target File, you type the name of the file but use the extension .ssa. Choose the option Conversion to : SSA-substation alpha. Press the button GO.

    Within a few seconds your subtitle has been converted to a SSA subtitle.

    Step 2:

    Start the program MaestroSBT. The program asks for a .SSA file. You take the file you just made. Now you see a screen with 7 buttons at the right. First select Set Files and select the directory where the subtitle has to be saved.

    Than select Rendering and take over the settings like below.

    Depending on your television (widescreen or normal) and the source (NTSC or PAL) you can experiment with Output resolution and the option 4:3 compensation .

    Select the button Timing and choose the fps-rate of the movie. You don''t need the button Segments. Under the button Styles - Edit Styles you can select the font, colour and margins. Also here you have to experiment a bit and try which settings look the best on your television.

    I mostly use the settings like below..

    Press on OK and you will get back in the main menu. With the button Edit & Preview you will see a preview of the result. If it doesn''t look perfect, just ignore that.

    Finally you select Generate and your subtitles will be generated. When they are ready you will find one .sub file and a lot of bitmap files in the directory you selected.

    Step 3:

    Start the program Winsubmux . At input MPEG filename you load your mpeg2 file.

    Than select Stream #0 and you select the .sub file, you just made. Than click on the button Load all.

    Choose the type of subtitle (CVD or SVCD) you wanna make. You can maximal mux 4 selectable subs in a svcd movie.

    Tip: Mux 2 subtitles in your movie, 1 in CVD format and 1 in SVCD format (Comfortable when you buy a new dvd player in future).

    With the button preview you can see the result.

    Finally press the button Multiplex and a new mpeg file will be made, including your selectable subtitle(s).
    On some dvd-players the colour of the subtitles won''t be played correct (a.o. Mustek ). If that appears first select User definied and change the 4 colours in Black, White, black, black. Than select Save #0 as to save the subs again. Select User definied again and press Multiplex.

    Last hint. Make a short sample of 5 minuts ( Tmpgenc ) to do a couple of tests. Exactly write down which settings you selected. Especially play with the coloursettings in Winsubmux and the Color Rendering settings in Maestro.



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