I'm still new at your forum and I hope I did post my topic at the right place and if I didn't please accept my apology,

Few Days ago my starcom X3100CU ultra broke down and it stopped working at all after installing a wrong software apparently.

I could solve the problem by re programing the flash on my device, now every thing is working just fine .. but

Before this problem the H/W of the device was : 1.6.001
Now it says H/W : 3.6.003

I couldn't download any software for my device because the hardware has changed .. and without downloading software I'm not able to use my key editor to get any softcam

I tried to find out if this new H/W belong to any device but I couldn't

PS : on my old H/W I used to have problem with AlJazeera sport smart card and the screen freezes every hour so I need to pull the card out and then in to get the screen moves again

Now .. with this new and completely strange H/W I have no problem with AlJazeera smart card any more

Would any one advice me about this situation please

Thank you and my best Regards