British Sky Broadcasting will begin a complete rebranding
October 4 2009

British Sky Broadcasting will begin a complete rebranding this month as it strives to present a warmer image and replace the BBC as the UK’s “most loved and respected source of entertainment”.

A new Sky logo featuring a more rounded “S”, which is intended to convey a friendlier corporate persona, would be unveiled in coming weeks as the company begins a pre-Christmas marketing push, people familiar with the logo said.

Marketing experts said such a rebranding could cost Sky between £500,000 and £1.5m, although others suggested that range could be conservative.

The image overhaul comes as Sky puts the finishing touches to Sky Songs, a subscription digital music service expected to launch before Christmas, as the group continues to expand from TV into online services.

Sky’s management hopes the new identity will help it achieve its aim to “replace the BBC as the country’s most loved and respected source of entertainment”, according to a person familiar with the company’s plans.

BSkyB said on Sunday that the strength of its brand had been a big asset, but added: “We’re making some evolutionary changes to help us keep reaching out to more customers over time.”

In spite of ambitions to emulate some attributes of the BBC, James Murdoch – Sky chairman and chief executive of News Corporation Europe and Asia, the satellite broadcaster’s largest shareholder – in August attacked the BBC’s dominance and “state-sponsored media”.

In May, Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp rebranded Premiere, the German pay-TV service in which it holds a 30.5 per cent stake, as Sky Deutschland.

(Source: Copyright The Financial Times Limited 2009 )