RAI develops 35mm technology for TV sets
Tuesday 29th September

Italian public broadcaster RAI has developed a new television technology that provides a four times sharper picture than High Definition, achieving for the first time the quality of 35 mm film.

The so called 4K technology was officially presented at the Prix Italia 2009 in Turin, the annual International Radio, TV and Web festival. Its proponents say it means watching movies in the home has the same perception as on the big screen. The extent of the effect depends on the size of the TV set.

The new technology was developed by RAI’s Centre of Strategic Technologies in Turin and is being supported by the City of Turin and RAI’s Yes Italia channel. At the Prix Italia, an experimental Torino 4K TV channel was broadcast via satellite, with the collaboration of Avid, which provided the production and post-production technologies.

(Source: ATV's News Archive)

Image above: JVC's KY-F4000 real-time 4K camera

a complete, fully configured version of JVC's 4K camera capable of producing live ultra-high resolution images.

The compact camera includes a single 1.25 CMOS image sensor of 3840x2160 pixels, which can produce live images with four times the resolution of full HD—live 60p images that will be displayed on a 56-inch LCD panel at 4K. The live output capabilities include HDSDI Dual Link (4:2:2/10 bit 4 channel), and DVI Single Link (4:4:4/8 bit x 4 channel). The camera also features a built-in genlock input, HDSDI 1080 (60i/59.94i).

JVC says its camera setup is unique because it offers full 60p output with live transmission capability whereas other 4K cameras on the market have been designed for cinema and are processing at 24p to 30p.