ART to close I.r.d.e.t.o. boxes on June 1 next year

ART, the largest Middle East pay-TV platform, will begin the switch-out of its I.r.d.e.t.o. encryption on June 1 next year, just days ahead of the important 2010 FIFA World Cup soccer tournament. ART is in the process of switching from I.r.d.e.t.o. to Viaccess conditional access in an attempt to curb local piracy.

Viewers who want to see the soccer games will have to have bought a new ART-endorsed Viaccess-suitable set-top box. ART has exclusive rights to all of the World Cup games.

Despite this plan ART’s subscriber services company (MultiChoice Middle East) says it will continue to simulcrypt I.r.d.e.t.o. conditional access for the foreseeable ...ure, and the initial target is to see 95% of its audience to have new Viaccess boxes before any final I.r.d.e.t.o. switch-off is concerned.

(Source: Rapid TV News)