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    Default Dont Download ( Fortec&other )Softwares from Pakistani-f

    Hi all members,

    Plz dont download softwares from pakistani- forum because some business man(Admin) are active on this forum they have uploaded a killer patch for fortecstar life time and this file killed a lot of Lifetime in Asia Uae and pakistan so take care to upgrading softwares plz wait for official sources to confirmed softwares and reliable sources and dont rush to download these kind of fake softwares and dont trust on these kind of forums where business man,s are running this forum.RDI is the best Forum always and will be best forever.
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    no i do not agree with you because pakistani-forum have good team
    always good help provide all time but same you some bad members
    upload wrong files in pakistani-forum different id and post message
    other forum file corrupted so i guss your old member pakistani-forum
    you want failed pakistani-forum i do not like your this bad work
    pakistani-forum team and admin all good work and good service provide
    i proud all pakistanis people and satellite lover good have pakistani-forum

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    If you got some problem with your STB by upgrading (the s/w downloaded from that forum) so plz tell us in detail.
    To blame unnecssarily is not good.
    thanks in advance for co-operation
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    Default Hello

    @[email protected]@i am talking about file only
    See this topic by siyal, http://www.********.com/f2/viewtopic.php?t=48521
    it is not al7bar Official file and 2.80 for 5100 plus i have chkd it .it was sent to me by my friend ,It seems to be ur release bcoz there is header and AES key deference only but not working bcoz of bugs



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