Chris Forrester
For some pay-TV markets, perhaps where viewers either don’t have bank accounts, or credit card-based direct debit banking, the availability of pre-payment ‘smart cards’ has proven to be a valuable tool for some conditional access providers. NDS is launching a scheme that enables operators to attract subscribers with a pay-as-you-go service.

Specifically, NDS VideoGuard Pre-Paid allows subscribers to buy and store credit for ...ure viewing options, or for immediate activation. Once they decide to purchase and view content, the set amount will be debited from their stored credit. VideoGuard Pre-Paid then sends the entitlement rights from the operator’s head-end directly to the individual’s smart card inside their set-top box (STB) and allows the viewer access to the chosen programming.

“As consumers continue to enjoy the benefits of pre-paid options in the mobile market, pay-TV operators are seeing additional opportunities for such offerings in their space. By offering customers more payment option flexibility, operators can quickly reach a new type of customer and begin to immediately see an increase in revenue,” said Nigel Smith, CMO at NDS. “With VideoGuard Pre-Paid, our customers can deliver more customised packages to a broader target audience while still taking advantage of VideoGuard’s market leading business and security features.”

“By deploying this particular add-on module with the VideoGuard system, operators can offer flexible pre-paid options such as pay-per-view, pay-per-time, pay-per-channel, pay-per-bouquet or pay-per-subscription, depending on their package preference. The VideoGuard Pre-Paid solution requires minimal changes to the operator head-end infrastructure and is fully compatible with existing NDS products. Operators can also choose from a wide variety of payment options for their customers, including pre-entitled scratch cards and smart cards, e-vouchers activated via mobile text messaging, web portals, instant messaging or IVR lines,” says NDS.