PLiŽ's Enigma1 Dreambox source code is now Public!

PLiŽ announced earlier this week that it has made its world renowned PLiŽ software for the DreamBox set top boxes available under a GPL License.
Another first from the Dutch development team and for us the end users.

PLiŽ headed by Peter Lindeman and a team of developers based in Holland, Belguim and the USA, started to develop the PLiŽ software in 2004 when he took over the development reigns from Ronaldd who retired from development scene the same year. Peter has now build a team spanning the globe with alpha and beta testers in Canada, Europe, Mexico, New Zealand, South Pacific Islands, Thailand, and the USA and now you too can join in with OpenPli.

The team did also pointed out that all development is done on a "love for the hobby" model and all have full time jobs.

One of the senior PLiŽ developers said "When I started with dreambox development, one of the main hurdles was the big difference between tuxbox-cvs and the more advanced closed images. Opening the PLi repository will certainly be a big incentive for individual developers to start with dreambox development and contribute to better dreambox software."

OpenPli is the public source repository for the PLiŽ software that runs on the DM500, DM56x0, DM600, DM7000, DM7020, DM7025, DM800, DM8000 and shortly the DM500 HD series of set top boxes for Cable, Terrestrial and Satellite TV and radio.

We will start with releasing our Enigma1 sources, Enigma2 will follow later...

You can see the main OpenPli repository here:
You can see the sourceforge page here:

=> The Enigma1 source code of the Dutch PLiŽ team is now available at the website

For everybody who knows how to develop and program, it is now possible to build your own PLiŽ based software (image).
If you release your own PLi based software, please add 'Based on PLiŽ' into your release notes.
Known bugs, issues and wanted features are also available at this website, see the 'View Tickets' chapter.

Getting involved!

So, you want to get involved with the development of OpenPLi?

=> Welcome aboard!

How does it all work?

=> This a free open source resorce for the whole Dreambox user community, where you can use, develop, comment, solve bugs or even develop new Dreambox features.

Before you start, we suggest you create a ticket outlining your intentions. The maintainers of OpenPLi can then see what you plan to do, give you advise, let you know if anyone else is working on the same idea, or let you know if what you want is or is not even feasible.This makes sure that what you intent to start, you can also finish. It also provides other people information about what has been added, fixed or improved.

When you start working, you can use the ticket to inform other developers of the progress you are making. When finished, attach your patches to the ticket, so the maintainers can have a look at it, and when the patch is approved, apply it to the mainline code.

If you want to discuss your idea before you start, please visit the PLiŽ forums at our third party development pages. This is also the place where you can discuss potential bugs that you have found. The 'tickets' are not ment to ask user questions; please use the PLiŽ forum for this!

Further, note down a clear statement when you post a ticket mentioning a bug or feature or also post a screenshot with the 'ticket', so it is clear for everybody on what you mean. It would be even better if you can also write down the solution Bug reports with a patch, will be publicly available soon.

Where to start?

=> There are a few starting points:

* Howto setup your own development environment
* Tickets: View active tickets, make bug reports and contribute feature requests.
* Little, easy improvements?: Get your feet wet by taking on one of these small tasks.


Development of major new features for OpenPLi tends to take place in branches — copies of the main codebase focuses on a particular feature. Using branches makes it easier to experiment with such sweeping changes without possibly breaking the trunk - the mainline of development. For this kind of new feature development we will consider creating a branch for you in our repository. To file such a request, login to our support site, and PM the PLiŽ webmaster.

Branches may not be stable, but they offer a chance to test out bleeding-edge code before it hits the mainline. Give them a try, and remember to send feedback to the branch developers!

GPL license

At last, the PLiŽ sources is released under the international GPL licence(s).
So now, you may make and release your own PLiŽ based images. But you are required to publish and release the diffs of your improvements towards the PLi team publicly (like we do with OpenPLi).

Together with this statement we invite and welcome all other developer(s) and developergroups to participate, or even better, join us here in this public Dreambox repository, as this is for the good of the global Dreambox user community at large!

Greetings, The PLi Team