From the last few days, ART pehla channels have stopped working on DM. Seems like they have upgraded to Viaccess 4.0. Will this be the end of Cardsharing?

i found this encryption info elsewhere and thought you might like this info
Viaccess PC 5.0 - new version of Viaccess Released on the 28/5/09,
Company Viaccess SA, controlled by France Telecom, is working to improve the system of conditional access and security of pay TV platforms. Accelerating the fight against piracy and is working on an improved version of Viaccess under the PC 5.0.
So far, the latest version of Viaccess, using operators, as PC 2.6, PC 3.0 and PC 4.0. The latter version 4.0 referred to the PC in September last year at the IBC code PRAHA, which is an abbreviation Proactive Against Hacker Attacks and presents new security features - all attacks are reported on the card and therefore for the operator and service provider of conditional access system supported. This version is already used by Swiss SRG SSR or Arab ART.
The latest version marked PC 5.0, which is prepared on the market, will probably be the first customers - it aims at the French pay-TV Canal + France (CanalSat and Canal Plus). New chip card containing a new generation of chips, which are considered to be secure against pirátskému not only income but also the phenomenon known as cardsharing (card sharing).
Viaccess conditional access system used by many operators in different parts of Europe - for example, Canal + France, AB Sat / Bis, NTV Plus, TVR (Romania), RTV Slovenija, SRG SSR etc:
thanks goes to sofien72tu for info