View Full Version : Polsat and SRG..help if ny1 knw....

16th September 2005, 20:22
Hi all

so ther is ny way for me to put those key in ma rcvr?:(..or i hav to do somthin els?



those r the Polsat & SRG code menu in ma rcvr.

Polsat Cyfrowy 13°EAST HOTBIRD
Ident: 7101
DEC: 113 001
Key 00: 54 C1 FA B6 6C 9D 68 08
DEC: 084 193 250 182 108 157 104 008
Key 01: 79 F5 60 42 FC EF E0 E0
DEC: 121 245 096 066 252 239 224 224

239211768C14F9D0BBF55FC0AEEEC8596BF43523F2C1DF9196 67D7D0EE79173BA4C04
C7CB6CA5C464807E6F2934609CEE7317763186E11931EFF27B 80CF2BE5C

91022F1E6C452D653CFE711A8F2BA0924AEC8E5895EB746012 A9914284BF48D4F72073B
A11308B69EC0A59ECDDE90DB5DBCA329524259ADCADFE3B141 36B1E8B

how can I put this key in those code menu.. i cannot put those 3 digit DEC..ther is ny way to put those in ma rcvr and watch Polsat again?

my rcvr has got 8key,16key and V-key options..its a DiscoveryII rcvr.

hop u can help me with this


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