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21st May 2005, 18:19
Is there any method for storing channel data on pc from stb and then again loading the same frompc to stb.This is needed because during upgrading of s/ware factory reset is needed which delet all the previously stored channel and re-scaning is required again.It is simple if u are viewing only one or more fixed dishes , but in case of a motorised dish it become time tacking process to scan all the satellites one by one for motorised dish using manual positioner and locating the satellites by tracking the signals of each satellite.
Please help to guide step by step how the channel data to be stored on pc from stb and after factory reset this data will then be transferd again to stb for Digitalllworld model SCI-190.



21st May 2005, 18:46
u can use setedit software from www.setedit.de (or if you can find a crack for your DAW, it's up to you.) this software will let you backup individual settings, including channel and transponder list and you can put it back after a repatch of your receiver. good luck.,